Garlic cycle


Crop planting and harvesting.

Garlic is a seasonal crop irrigation and in need of a lot of labor and specialization. Garlic cloves are planted from September to January (depending on the variety and the area). There are three main varieties: white, spring and purple, each for different markets.

Bulbs are harvested from May to July using equipment specified, with a high average yield, fully mechanized. It is coordinated and at optimum quality garlic depending on variety.


Cleaning, drying and peeling.

Once collected garlic proceed to clean dirt, leaves and other impurities

And clean the garlic, we spent the drying process in our stores, through natural or forced processes.

Peeled garlic is done manually and the cost varies depending on the variety and quality of garlic.


Packaging and Transport.

In the packaging carried out an exhaustive quality control which verifies and classifies each bulb. Garlic packaged in different formats, depending on their destination or final distribution.

To better serve our customers, we have transportation for domestic or international shipments.

Types garlic


Ajo Morado


Ajo Blanco


Ajo Spring

Tipos de Envases



Cajas de 5Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg y 20Kg