empresa-cebollas-karfer-01Cebollas Karfer S.A. boasts two generations of farming experience. We have specialised in growing, packing, and distributing farm garden produce (onions, melons, and watermelons) since the year 2000 – wlth 80 per cent of our sales ln onions.

Some 70 per cent of our produce is from our own land and we supply those varieties most demanded by the market.

During April and May our onions are grown by farmers in Andalusia in southern Spain, and from June, the onlons are picked on our own estates.

Much of our onion harvest consists of large onions and these are exported to European markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Belgium. Medium and smaller onions are marketed ln Spam.

Melons and watermelons are sourced between May and October, as well as being produced on our own estates between July and October.



The superb quality of our produce ¡5 the result of a rigorous selection of the best harvests, combined with meticulous handling.

The company opened a new production centre m 2004 located between Quintanar and Tembleque in the province of Toledo, Spain. The centre boasts four warehouses each measuring 1.500 square metres, as well as 10.000 square metres of loading space and a further 50.000 square metres for future growth.

Each of the four warehouses is dedicated to one of the following roles:

– Storage for up to 1.500.000 kilos of loose omons.

– Storage for onions on pallets.

– Packing house for produce processing.

– Storage and Ioad¡ng packaged pmduoe.